Occupational Therapy,

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      • Rehabilitation Department
      • Occupational Therapy
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      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
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      普通话,  English

    Occupational therapy is a process that helps patients achieve functional improvement through assessment, treatment and education, and by improving the activities of daily living, ADL (such as getting up, dressing, washing, going to the toilet, getting out of bed, taking a bath , Eating, etc.) and instrumental activity of daily living, IADL (such as functional mobility, cooking, cleaning, driving, writing, work, etc.) to improve self-care ability, to help patient achieve return to family safely, return to society.

    Occupational therapists will first learn about the patient’s disease history, physical function, work, and family, living environment, society support and other aspects (Occupational Profile) through assessment, interview, and tests to formulate a safe and appropriate rehabilitation plan. Occupational therapist will develop measurable and achievable goals based on the patient's own needs. By using different treatment methods to help patients improve their self-care ability (ADL), instrumental ability of daily living (IADL), safety awareness, cognitive function, etc.

    Jiahui Health’s occupational therapy services can provide outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation services for post-surgery of orthopedic patients, hand injury patients, chronic disease patients and nerve injury patients.


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