JI Xiaopin, MD,PhD,外院(External Specialist)

    • Department:
      • Gastrointestinal Oncology Surgery Clinic
      • Gastrointestinal Surgery
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
      • Jiahui Health (Shanghai Jing'an)
      • Jiahui Health (Shanghai Yangpu)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  English

    Associate Chief Physician, General Surgery, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University

    JI Xiaopin, PhD, Associate Chief Physician. In 2001, Dr. Ji graduated from the School of Clinical Medicine of Shanghai Second Medical University. In the same year, he was assigned to the General Surgery Department of Ruijin Hospital and has been working there since so far. In 2013, he obtained his Doctor’s degree from the School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University. In 2015, He learnt robot-assisted surgical operation system in Prince of Wales Hospital, CUHK. Dr. Ji has been working in General Surgery for a very long time, he is specialized in laparoscopic and robotic minimally invasive surgery for gastrointestinal tumors, and has rich clinical experiences in anal sparing surgery for ultra-low rectal cancer. Since 2004, he has been dedicated to clinical work and clinical research of colorectal cancers, including early detection and accurate clinical staging of colorectal cancers, new adjuvant therapy of colorectal cancers, standardized CME surgery for colon cancer, minimally invasive surgery on early stage colorectal carcinoma, conversional therapy for colorectal cancer with liver metastasis, intraoperative radiotherapy for recurrent metastatic rectal cancer, comprehensively postoperative treatment for colorectal cancer and the basic research of colorectal cancer metastasis mechanism. He published more than 20 papers, and participated in several national and municipal projects. He presented his research results in many international and domestic academic conferences.

    ●  Member of the Special Committee of Application and Promotion of Tumor Standardization, Chinese Society of Oncology

    ●  Member of Single-port Laparoscopy Group, Colorectal Cancer Branch, Chinese Medical Association

    ●  Member of Youth Group of Colorectal Cancer Branch, Chinese Medical Association

    ●  Member of Robotics Group of Colorectal Cancer Special Committee, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association

    ●  Member of Gastrointestinal Surgery Professional Committee, Cross-strait Medical and Health Exchange Association

    ●  Young Member and Secretary of General Surgery Branch of Shanghai Medical Association

    ●  Secretary of Colorectal Cancer Metastasis Group, Colorectal Cancer Professional Committee, Shanghai anti-Cancer Association

    ●  Member of Endoscopic Surgery Group, Minimally Invasive Tumor Treatment Special Committee of Shanghai anti-Cancer Association


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