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    Jiahui Health is an international-standard medical and healthcare ecosystem. As an innovative and integrated healthcare provider in China, Jiahui Health is committed to establishing a comprehensive healthcare network with tertiary international hospitals at the core, in addition to secondary diagnosis and treatment, community as well as online healthcare services. Jiahui Health provides safe, reliable, and comprehensive international healthcare services for people at all stages of life, including health management, emergency services, outpatient care, surgery, inpatient services, and international medicine.

    We promise to provide healthcare services founded on international quality standards, convenience and care at the best value.

    It is our privilege to serve your every health need. We put you at the center of our care and services, treat you with respect and communicate openly. We help people lead healthier lives.
    We provide a highly accessible hub & spoke healthcare network located in Shanghai's downtown areas. Our efficient and friendly face-to-face service at our hospital and clinics is rounded out by our personalized digital platforms, allowing you to access a range of services from the convenience of your smartphone.
    Reasonable pricing and services adapted to your individual needs will make your treatment with us a time-efficient experience at the best value.


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