Jiahui International Hospital is the first foreign-funded tertiary general hospital in China. Located in downtown Shanghai's Xuhui District, the hospital opened to the public in October 2017. From the beginning, Jiahui International Hospital has maintained a close, strategic collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, with a particular focus on cancer care, women’s health, and pediatrics.

    Through this unique, long-term collaboration, Jiahui International Hospital has drawn upon Mass General’s expertise and long history of excellence to put best practices in clinical care and management at the heart of its operations. In the field of oncology, the two institutes share a multidisciplinary consultation platform that aligns standards and allows oncologists in the US and China to coordinate on diagnosis and treatment options for Chinese patients. Jiahui has dispatched over 600 clinical and administrative staff to Boston for training and further studies, and a number of Mass General’s clinical experts also regularly visit Shanghai to provide joint diagnosis and treatment services for patients at Jiahui International Hospital.

    Jiahui International Hospital is fully compliant with Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) guidelines and Joint Commission International (JCI) standards. The hospital's design and construction is LEED Gold-certified, the globally recognized standard for achievement in environmental sustainability. From overall planning to daily operations, Jiahui International Hospital is committed to providing a patient-centered experience based on care, quality, and impact.

    Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday, 24 hours

    Address: 689 Guiping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai


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