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    • The word hospital is derived from Latin and originally meant guest, to whom it offered refuge, comfort, and hospitality. Over time, it gradually became a professional institution that took care of people’s needs and provided medical services.

      Hospitals are not only a place to treat diseases, they are also a community that cares for a diverse range of individuals and families with different emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs. Jiahui aims to build a volunteering platform so that more people can understand and participate in the healthcare environment; provide companionship and psychological support to patients; and play a role in ensuring patients receive comprehensive physical and mental care.

      The presence of volunteers fosters a warm and welcoming environment in the hospital. With the participation of each new volunteer, Jiahui’s Volunteer Program becomes increasingly vibrant and dynamic.

      Requirements for volunteers:

      • Aged 16 years old and above • Have an interest in healthcare • Be caring and willing to help others • No criminal record
      In addition, volunteers with special skills are also welcome to sign up.


      • Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, 689 Guiping Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

      All volunteers will receive:
      • Jiahui meal vouchers for the day you volunteer • Entry into healthcare conferences at Jiahui International Hospital • Access to monthly multidisciplinary case-sharing sessions at Jiahui during the month you volunteer • 20% off Jiahui Health screening packages • 20% off dental cleaning • Discount for HPV vaccinations
      Volunteers who volunteer for more than 50 hours per year will also receive:
      • A once-off free influenza vaccination or free dental cleaning • Certificate of completion for volunteering at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital • 3-hour CPR and AED training with a certificate from Jiahui Health
      Volunteers who volunteer for more than 72 hours per year will also receive:
      • 8-hour HeartSaver First Aid CPR AED with a certificate from the American Heart Association
      If you have any questions, please contact us by scanning the WeChat QR code below.


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