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      The International Office at Jiahui Health is dedicated to leveraging our standardized healthcare system to aid patients from across the globe in rapidly and efficiently obtaining professional medical diagnoses and treatment. Our services encompass the entire medical process, including international second opinions (written/video consultations), expedited medical access through global green channels, local implementation of consultation plans at Jiahui, and continuous follow-up medical services.
      Jiahui Health warmly welcomes patients from all over the world to Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai, China, in order to receive high-quality personalized health screenings and medical treatments. Our International Office is committed to providing comprehensive, multilingual services to our international patients, ensuring a seamless, personalized experience from arrival to departure.

      Key Medical Specialties
      Executive Health Management
      Cancer Center (including CAR-T)
      Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

      Patient Experience
      - Medical Excellence
      Jiahui Health's integrated healthcare system, encompassing a 500-bed international hospital with prestigious JCI accreditation, clinics, and an international team of healthcare professionals, strives to provide medical excellence through a patient-centered and multidisciplinary approach.
      At Jiahui, we deliver reliable and comprehensive international healthcare services tailored for individuals at every stage of life.
      Jiahui International Hospital has an in-depth cooperation and joint listing with Massachusetts General Hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School in the United States, combining high-quality international resources with China's most advanced medical expertise. Notably, more than 20% of the doctors at Jiahui are internationally recognized experts, with many of them holding joint appointments at both Jiahui Health and Massachusetts General Hospital.

      Jiahui Health’s modern equipment, facilities and general environment are meticulously designed to promote healing while advancing the frontiers of medical science. We pride ourselves on possessing some of the most advanced medical equipment and diagnostic technologies available, ensuring that our patients receive care that is not only comprehensive but also at the forefront of medical innovation. This harmonious blend of cutting-edge facilities, a globally acclaimed medical team, and an adherence to international healthcare standards are key features of our organization.

      - Comprehensive Services for International Patients
      Our International Office stands as the gateway for international patients seeking high-quality medical care at our hospital. Functioning as a comprehensive medical concierge, we offer an array of assistance and support tailored to the unique needs of international patients. Our team, fluent in multiple languages, ensures seamless coordination and instant access to medical services. From your arrival to your departure, our dedicated staff is committed to accompanying you at every step of your journey. 

      We proudly offer an extensive range of services specifically designed for our international patients, including:
      Medical Inquiry Service: Prompt responses to all your health-related queries before your arrival.
      Transparent Price Estimates: Detailed and clear cost breakdowns for the entire course of treatment.
      Language Support Services: Professional interpreters available to ensure seamless communication in your native language.
      Physician Teleconsultation: We offer a thorough teleconsultation service prior to your arrival, ensuring that you have a comprehensive understanding of your treatment plan.
      Physician Coordination: Dedicated physicians to monitor your progress and follow every aspect of your treatment plan.
      Medical Report Preparation: Comprehensive and meticulous preparation of your medical reports for your records and further consultations.
      Airport Reception and Transport: Personalized meet-and-greet services at the airport, with comfortable transportation to the hospital.
      Visa Extension Assistance: Complimentary services to help you navigate visa extension procedures, should your treatment require a longer stay.
      International Insurance and Third-Party Payment Facilitation: Assistance with international insurance claims and coordination with third-party payers for a hassle-free payment process.
      Embassy Liaison Assistance: Support in liaising with your country's embassy for any necessary diplomatic assistance.
      Travel, Accommodation & Hospitality: Tailored advice regarding your travel arrangements, 5-star hospital environment with diets adapted to cultural and personal preferences. Additional advice on accommodation options for accompanying family members.

      - Cost-Effectiveness
      Your health deserves the best, and at Jiahui, we deliver exceptional care that transcends expectations. At the heart of our commitment to your well-being stand our medical professionals who leverage the latest advancements in healthcare, enabling you to receive care at the forefront of innovation in a soothing, state-of-the-art environment. In addition, we strive to create a service experience where exceptional healthcare meets affordability seamlessly. Our treatment plans are crafted on a highly individualized basis to ensure the best possible outcome while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

      In order to receive a detailed fee estimate according to your treatment needs, get in touch with us via our contact form.

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      Phone Number: +86 13701972749, +86 (021) 5339 3393, +86 400 868 3000

      International Office Email: Internationaloffice@jiahui.com


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