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    • Jiahui Health is collaborating with overseas medical institutions to provide fully-coordinated, transnational medical services, helping patients get access to global diagnosis and treatment solutions. Through the Global Solutions Network (GSN), patients can access a remote consultation with an international specialist as well as overseas treatment that might otherwise be unavailable in China. Patients treated abroad are also able to continue their treatment at Jiahui Health according to their overseas treatment plan once they return to China, ensuring full continuity and consistency of care.

      Collaborating Hospitals

      Service Items

      • International consultations:

        • telepathology consultation

        • teleradiology consultation

        • written report

        • video consultation

      • Overseas treatment

      • Follow-up care after return

      GSN Advantages

      • Selective Collaborating Hospitals

        • Our collaborating hospitals are among the top 10 medical institutions in the United States (as ranked by US News).

      • Institutional-level Collaboration

        • Jiahui Health collaborates on an institutional level with overseas medical institutions;

        • Institutional-level collaboration gives patients access to the most suitable medical experts. For complex medical issues, institutional-level collaboration is more effective than an individual physician's capability to get multidisciplinary support for accurate diagnosis and optimal care;

        • Established overseas medical institutions are highly selective in who they cooperate with. Being chosen as an overseas collaborator demonstrates Jiahui Health's international standards and credibility as a medical institution, as well as our capacity to implement the treatment plans provided by overseas institutions.

      • Diversified Medical Solutions

        • For patients who want to compare treatment options from multiple overseas medical institutions, our multidisciplinary medical team can provide suggestions and help patients select the most suitable treatment scheme and hospital;

        • For patients who would like to continue receiving their medical service according to the treatment plan provided by overseas experts, Jiahui Health's standardized medical service system can provide the treatment accordingly;

        • For patients wanting to be enrolled in clinical trials, our international, institutional-level collaborations mean we can help patients obtain comprehensive clinical trial information and choose suitable clinical research programs;

        • For patients who will return to China after being treated abroad, we can provide follow-up care and arrange regular follow-up consultations with the attending physician from the overseas medical institution.

      • Professional Medical Support

        • Jiahui Health's full-time medical specialists are responsible for reviewing all medical records and their translations to ensure the accuracy of medical information;

        • Our attending medical specialists will communicate with overseas experts throughout the consultation process, and communicate with patients' local attending physicians when necessary;

        • Jiahui Health's multidisciplinary medical team of specialists will provide comprehensive and professional support to the patient's attending physician for the consultation.

      • Strict Confidentiality

        • Patients medical information is collected and processed under strict privacy rules;

        • International consultation work is carried out through professional platforms to protect patient information during medical information transmission and video conference.

      • One-to-One Service

        • A designated liaison with a medical-related background will follow up with the case throughout its course and ensure high quality service.


      For more information, please email GSN@jiahui.com. We'll get back to you within 1-2 working days and provide a free consultation. In your email, please provide the following:

      • contact person's name, phone number, and email address

      • patient's age, gender, location, current diagnosis, and current treating hospital

      • patient's specific medical needs

      You can also add the Jiahui GSN customer service account on WeChat (by searching "Jiahui-GSN" or scanning the QR code below) for a free consultation.


    • International medical services are recommended for the following patients:

      • Patients who are diagnosed with serious diseases (e.g. cancer) and want to confirm the diagnosis

      • Patients whose conditions remain undiagnosed for a long time or who have received different diagnoses or treatment plans from different hospitals

      • Patients whose current treatment outcome is not satisfactory, or who are told that there is no suitable treatment in China and hope to seek treatment or a clinical trial abroad

    • Our services include:

      • Telepathology Consultation

      We will prepare and scan your tissue samples, and send the pathological images to an overseas collaborating institution for interpretation and a diagnostic consultation. If needed, we will prepare new tissue samples according to the specific requirements of the overseas medical institution.

      • Teleradiology Consultation

      We will send your medical imaging files to the imaging department of an overseas collaborator for interpretation and a diagnostic consultation. If needed, our Medical Imaging Center will take new images according to the specific requirements of the overseas institution.

      • Written Report/Video Consultation

      With the presence of Jiahui Health's attending medical specialists, patients will get a second or third opinion from overseas experts for treatment plan suggestions or other suggestions related to diagnosis and treatment.

      • Overseas Treatment 

      We will support patients in the outpatient and inpatient service process and provide travel assistance for overseas treatment, including help with visa processing, transportation, translation, and consultations.

      • Follow-up Care after Return

      Some patients will need follow-up medical care and regular consultations after returning to China. With your permission, we will obtain your medical records from the overseas medical institution and provide you with follow-up care accordingly. We will also help arrange regular, remote follow-up consultations with your overseas attending physicians.

      Guidelines for International Consultation Process

      • Consultation and Consent

      A designated customer solution representative will provide a free consultation for you, recommend a suitable hospital and service type based on your conditions and needs, answer your questions, and help you sign your consent forms.

      • Preparation and Translation of Medical Records

      We will help you collect, arrange, check, and translate necessary medical records. A Jiahui Health physician will review the translation to ensure its accuracy. The physician will also help you think of questions for the international consultation.

      • Medical Records Submission

      We will transfer your medical records to our collaborating hospital, which will then select a suitable specialist to consult with you based on your condition and needs.

      • Video Consultation/Written Consultation Report

      Based on your service type, your Jiahui Health physician will either hold a video consultation with an overseas specialist together with you, or discuss your conditions with an overseas specialist after the latter has issued a written consultation report. They will then provide you with the final recommendations and address any concerns you may have.

      • Turn-around Time

      A detailed consultation report will be generated within 2 - 3 weeks (excluding local and overseas public holidays) after all requested medical records are collected. If you have a preferred specialist, the consultation time will be based on that specialist's schedule.

    • Affordable prices set your mind at ease

      Service Name Price Unit Price
      International Telepathology Consultation per visit 6,900
      International Teleradiology Consultation per visit 6,900
      International Consultation (Written) per visit 25,000
      International Consultation (Video, 45-60 min) per visit 38,000
      Overseas Referral(Standard Referral, include 2nd opinion consultation) per visit 48,000
      Follow-up Care after Return per visit Free assistance
      * Consultation fee is determined by clinicians according to the complexity of the patient’s condition. Jiahui Health reserves the right to interpret and adjust prices. All prices in RMB.


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