All patients have fundamental, overarching rights to information, fair treatment and autonomy over medical decisions, among other rights. These include the rights to receive effective communication, to participate in care decisions, to give informed consent, to know care providers and to participate in end-of-life decisions. It also includes considerate care that safeguards your personal dignity and safety, provides for the confidentiality of and access to their medical information and respects your cultural, psychological and spiritual values.

    Your Rights

    You have the right to be provided with the highest quality medical care.

    • 1.We will make every effort to provide you with quality medical care through dedicated medical personnel whose primary objective is to safeguard your well-being, and treat your medical condition.
    • 2.All medical decisions and recommendations on your treatment are made after careful deliberation, taking into account all available information and facts concerning your condition.

    You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

    • 1.To be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect by all Jiahui Health staff.
    • 2.You shall receive considerate respectful, appropriate medical care, regardless of your age, gender, race, nationality, social status, physical or mental abilities.
    • 3.Jiahui Health is obligated to have your personal dignity respected including emotional, social, spiritual and cultural needs as long as they do not cause disturbance or harm to others.
    • 4.You and/or your family will be informed of the medical treatment which you will receive, and you can accept or refuse medical care or recommended treatment to the extent permitted by law. Please note that by doing so, you will have to accept the responsibility for any medical consequences resulting from your decision. In an emergency, the medical team will initiate treatment in your best interests and discuss further treatment with you and/or your family.
    • 5.You have the right to appoint a representative to make your healthcare decisions. We will respect your wishes, to the extent permitted by law and our policy.

    You are entitled to receive care in a safe setting in accordance to your needs:

    • 1.Being free from physical restraints or seclusion, unless medically required in situations where there is a substantial risk of imminent harm to yourself or others.
    • 2.To be provided appropriate protection, especially for frail, disabled individuals, elderly, young and dependent children, comatose patients and victims of abuse.
    • 3.c. Free from all forms of abuse and harassment.

    You have the right to know the identities and role of your healthcare team.

    • 1.You are entitled to know the identity of the doctor, nurse and others who are involved in your care and treatment.
    • 2.You are entitled to know whether they are residents, students or trainees.

    You have the right to the privacy and personal information kept confidential.

    • 1.You will be interviewed, examined and treated in surroundings designed to give you reasonable privacy.
    • 2.You are entitled to have your medical records read only by individuals involved in your care or by individuals who are monitoring the quality of your care as authorized by law or the organization. All information and records regarding your care will be kept confidential.
    • 3.Other individuals may read the medical record only with the patient’s written consent or that of a legally authorized or designated representative.
    • 4.To request, receive, or refuse visitors at your or your legal representative’s discretion, unless there is clinically necessary or reasonable restriction or limitation.

    You have the right to receive information necessary to make decisions whether to accept (to consent) or withhold treatment.

    • 1.You will be told of your medical condition, planned treatment and expected results in a language you can understand, where possible.
    • 2.We will have all treatments or procedures fully explained, including risks and benefits. This includes potential consequences related to treatments, recovery or non-treatment.
    • 3.To be transferred to another facility at your request when medically appropriate.

    You have the right to seek a second opinion.

    • 1.Second opinion refers to seeking a review of clinical diagnosis and management by another clinician other than the treating clinician at the request of you or your next-of-kin.
    • 2.You and/ or your next-of-kin has the right to seek second opinion without fear of compromise to your care within or outside the organization and this request must be accommodated.

    You have the right to give a compliment or make a complaint.

    • Your feedback helps us improve our services and tells us what we are doing well and which areas we can improve. We appreciate your compliments if your experience has been a pleasant one. Your kind comments will encourage our healthcare team in our pursuit of making JIH the ‘hospital of choice’ for our patients.
    • You could provide feedback to our patient service staff, or through App. If you have any complaints, you can also send them to We will contact you to help resolve your concerns.

    You have the right to receive explanation, education and counselling.

    • 1.To question the accuracy of their bills and physician charges. You have the right to request a summarized of charges and to obtain information about those charges.
    • 2.To know about the care you will need after discharge.
    • 3.You and/or your family members should be informed about Jiahui Health rules, policies and practices that have to do with patient care, treatment and responsibilities.
    • 4.iahui Health will provide appropriate assistance, including the use of an interpreter, to ensure that you and / or your families understand the all treatment plan and process.
    • 5.You and families to be informed of injuries resulting from adverse events.

    You and Your Family’s Responsibilities

    At JIH, you and your family play a vital role in helping us provide quality healthcare. You can take responsibility for your care by helping the medical team give the best possible care and treatment.

    You can play a part by assisting in the following:

    • 1.Provide us with complete and accurate information about your health, including present conditions, past illnesses, hospitalization, medication and any other matters that we should be aware of.
    • 2.Provide us with complete and accurate personal particulars including your full name, address, contact numbers and date of birth.
    • 3.You and your family are responsible for informing our staff whether you clearly understand what is expected.
    • 4.Inform us of changes in your health and/or condition, and any problems you are having or have had, with your treatment. You need to follow the doctor’s recommended treatment plan and care.
    • 5.Participate actively in your treatment including decisions about your treatment plan, taking your medicines and keeping your follow-up appointments
    • 6.Inform us of any problems which you may face in following with the prescribed treatment plan. Please be assured that we will keep all information you have given private and confidential.
    • 7.Take responsibility for any consequences if you refuse medical treatment or leave against medical advice.

    You need to respect the confidentiality and privacy of others.

    You and your family members will be asked to:

    • 1.Follow all hospital rules and regulations concerning patients and visitors.
    • 2.Treat all hospital staff, other patients and visitors with courtesy and respect.
    • 3.Keep to your appointment time. If you are unable to do so, please notify Jiahui Healthin advance.
    • 4.Respect the privacy of other patients.

    Follow Jiahui Health rules, policies and practices:

    • 1.Be responsible for the safekeeping of your own valuables and personal possessions while in the organization.
    • 2.Treat Jiahui Health’s property and facilities with due care and responsibility.
    • 3.To not use medication and medical devices from unauthorized sources during your hospitalization, and to ensure medication and treatment safety.
    • 4.To maintain good and safe medical service order.

    Other Important Patient Information

    Religious Counselling

    • 1.You are welcome to arrange for a religious counsellor to visit and/or pray for you while you are in the hospital.
    • 2.Please inform the nurse if you are expecting a religious counsellor to visit.
    • 3.Out of respect for other patients, please conduct your religious prayer quietly by your bedside, so that others will not be disturbed.
    • 4.We will provide you with a list of contacts should you need help in finding a religious counsellor or religious center in Shanghai.


    You are required to:
    • 1.Pay promptly any financial amounts resulting from the care and treatment provided.
    • 2.Seek clarification promptly if there are financial issues which you do not understand.

    Organ Donation

    In China, organ donation fully follows the principle of “voluntary and unpaid” and is a noble embodiment of the spirit of “humanity, fraternity and dedication”. If you would like to know more information about organ donation, you could refer to the following access:

    • Call the Red Cross for free consultation on organ donation 400-010-6695, or
    • Check online at, or
    • Scan the following WeChat QR code



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