WENG Xinyu, MD

    • Department:
      • 眼科
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
      • Jiahui Health (Shanghai Jing'an)
      • Jiahui Health (Shanghai Yangpu)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  English,  日本語

    Dr. WENG Xinyu serves as an ophthalmologist at Jiahui Health. Dr. Weng graduated from clinical medicine-Japanese class (six-year) of China Medical University and obtained a master's degree in Ophthalmology from Dalian Medical University. After graduation, she worked in Daqing Oilfield General Hospital for nearly two years.

    In 2011, she went to Japan for advanced studies. In 2013,she passed the Japan physician qualification examination, and in the same year, she engaged in resident training in Hokuto hospital in Japan. Two years later, she started on ophthalmic clinical work in the same hospital. In 2018, she joined the Department of Ophthalmology of Hokkaido University. Until she went back to China, she continued working at the Affiliated Hospitals of Hokkaido University.

    Dr. Weng has more than 10 years of clinical experience in ophthalmology. She has rich experiences in the diagnosis and treatment of various common ophthalmic diseases. She is proficient in cataract operation, vitreous injection and other ocular surface surgeries like pterygium, eyelid mass. She also master fundus fluorescein angiography and laser treatments of fundus, posterior cataract and iris.

    Dr. Weng is a member of the Japanese Ophthalmology Society, and she has joined the Japanese Ophthalmia Society (JOIS) and the International Ophthalmia Society (IOIS). She had made several oral reports and posters, and had won the best presentation award of the 1st trainee session of JOIS.

    翁欣瑜(Weng Xinyu) 医師は、嘉会ヘルスの眼科医です。 中国医科大学の臨床医学課程(6年間の日本語コース)を卒業後、大連医科大学で眼科の修士号を取得し、 大慶油田総合病院で約2年間勤務しました。

    2011年に日本へ臨床研修に赴き、2013年初めに日本の医師国家試験に合格、日本医師免許を取得。同年に北海道北斗病院で初期研修を開始しました。 同病院で眼科領域の臨床を継続し、2018年に北海道大学眼科医局に入局しました。北海道大学医学部の眼科と北海道大学の関連病院であるJHCO北斗病院で眼科の後期研修を行いました。

    翁医師は、10年以上の眼科臨床経験を持ち、眼の様々な一般的疾患の治療に豊富な経験を持っています。 白内障、硝子体注射などの内眼手術、翼状片や眼瞼腫脹などの眼球表面手術、眼底造影検査技術、眼底・後発白内障・虹彩のレーザー治療に長けています。

    翁医師は、日本眼科学会の会員であり、日本眼炎症学会JOIS(Japan Ocular Inflammation Society)および国際眼炎症学会IOISの会員でもあります。 これまでに数多くの口頭発表やポスター発表を行っており、JOIS研修医セッションの口頭発表最優秀賞を受賞しています。

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