• Department:
      • Fertility Clinic
      • Andrology
      • Fertility and Reproductive Medicine
      • Pre-conception consultation (Male)
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
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    Dr. WANG Jun is section head of Andrology at Jiahui Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center. Dr. WANG obtained Doctor Degree at Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology in 2003. He completed his postdoctoral work at the Institute of Urology of Army Medical University (the Third Military Medical University) in 2006. Dr. WANG has been Deputy Director of Xinjiang Autonomous Region Corps Hospital of Chinese People’s Armed Police Force since October 2002, chief physician since December 2010, and director of the Andrology Department of Sichuan Provincial Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital since April 2019. In August 2020, he obtained the certificate of male assisted reproductive techniques from the Human Sperm Bank Training Base of National Health Commission.

    Before joining Jiahui, Dr. WANG has been engaged in urology & andrology clinical treatment, research and management in the military and provincial Class A tertiary hospitals for decades. He has wide clinical experience in urology and andrology. Dr. WANG’s specialties include but are not limited to:
    ● Diagnosis and treatment of complicated urinary system diseases.
    ● Urological minimally invasive surgery.
    ● Treatment of male infertility and sexual dysfunction.

    Dr. WANG has published over 30research papers as the first author, and won the Award of Military Medical Achievement and Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress. His main social positions include:
    ● Member of Military Committee of Urology Surgery
    ● Member of Repair and Reconstruction Group, Urology Branch, Chinese Medical Association
    ● Director of Sichuan Sexology Association
    ● Member of Andrology Committee of Sichuan Sexology Association
    ● Expert group member of Sichuan Assisted Reproductive Technology Quality Management
    ● Expert of Project Evaluation Group of Sichuan Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau
    ● Expert group member of Military Reproductive Health Education Committee
    ● Expert group member of Provincial Medical Malpractice Committee


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