What Is Breast Screening

    Regular breast screening is the first line of defense when it comes to early detection of breast lesions and breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer can lead to improved cure rate, and regular breast self-examination, clinical examination by a breast specialist and breast imaging examination (breast ultrasound or mammography) form the foundation of early detection.

    Who Needs Breast Screening

    Women over the age of 20 should consider beginning breast screening to detect breast infections, benign and malignant tumors, and nipple abnormalities. Regular breast screening is even more important if you have any the following risk factors ¹  .

    • Increasing age

    • High weight and high body fat (BMI ≥30 kg/m2)

    • Tall stature

    • High estrogen levels

    • Benign breast disease

    • Dense breast tissue

    • Earlier menarche or later menopause

    • Nulliparity and multiparity

    • Increasing age at first pregnancy

    • Personal history of breast cancer

    • Family history of breast cancer

    • Inherited genetic mutations

    • Alcohol

    • Smoking

    • Night-shift work

    • Exposure to therapeutic ionizing radiation

    Breast Screening Protocol For Average Risk Women

    ¹Source: UpToDate

    For people under 40 years of age, automatic breast ultrasound scan (ABUS) is a suitable breast imaging examination. ABUS is used for breast screening in young populations or as a supplement to mammography for breast screening in populations with high breast density. 

    * Under some specific circumstances, the doctor may choose to do a hand-held ultrasound examination.

    Mammography is the clinically recommended screening method for people over the age of 40.



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