In commemoration of Doctors’ Day, Jiahui Health joined forces with the Xuhui District Blood Management Office, Hongmei Subdistrict, and Shanghai Shenhua Football Club to organize a blood donation day at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital on 29 March 2024. A total of 158 individuals participated, collectively donating 36400ml of blood.

    As a pioneer in international-standard medical care, Jiahui International Hospital annually serves over 500,000 Chinese and foreign patients. At peak times, up to 37% of inpatients require blood transfusions. Behind the success stories of treatments lies not only the expertise of the medical team but also the indispensable support from relevant authorities and the altruistic commitment of numerous voluntary blood donors. Consequently, Jiahui Health has hosted major blood donation activities for six consecutive years to help bridge the gap in blood supply. Mr. Lu exemplifies this spirit, having donated blood 30 times since he was 18: "Donating the gift of love has become an annual habit. For me, saving a life is the ultimate reward."

    Dr. LI Jun, Chairman of Surgery at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, expressed his dedication by becoming the first donor of the day. "This marks my third blood donation. As surgeons, every operation we conduct relies on blood supplies, and our participation in blood donation reinforces our commitment to patient care. Each individual's contribution can potentially save more lives, and I am honored to play my part," shared Doctor Li. On this occasion, many medical professionals enthusiastically participated in the blood donation, honoring Doctors' Day in this unique manner.

    Shanghai Shenhua Football Club, a strategic partner of Jiahui Health, provided strong support to the blood donation initiative, rallying nearly a hundred Shenhua fans to join the cause. "Jiahui’s blood donation day embodies the ongoing public welfare endeavors of Jiahui Health. As strategic partners, we are proud to endorse this initiative, spreading the spirit of blood donation beyond the stadium to brighten lives worldwide," remarked the spokesperson for Shanghai Shenhua Football Club. Successful blood donors on the day were rewarded with complimentary flu vaccines at Jiahui, along with specially designed blood donation card holders. Shenhua fans additionally received exclusive themed gifts."While blood donation itself is an act of altruism, as a healthcare institution, we strive to ensure the well-being of every donor, offering comprehensive health protection," shared Dr. John K. Hsiang, Chief Medical Officer of Jiahui Health and President of Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital.

    Since its inception, Jiahui Health has remained committed to its social responsibilities and has been delivering compassionate care to its patients. In terms of medical support, Jiahui International Hospital has served as a designated medical facility for the China International Import Expo for six consecutive years, and has provided medical assistance to major events such as the ATP Tennis Masters, the Longines Global Equestrian Championship, and the Shanghai Women’s Half Marathon. This year, Jiahui Health became the official medical partner of Shanghai Shenhua Football Club, providing comprehensive medical services including health management, sports injury prevention, and emergency care for all players, coaches, and staff. Engaging in public welfare activities, Jiahui Health not only encourages its medical and non-medical staff to participate in voluntary blood donation but also focuses on addressing the diverse healthcare needs of different demographics such as women's health, adolescent mental health, and sustainable elderly care. Initiatives like the pink ribbon campaign, red ribbon campaign, children's health programs, mental health awareness, and integrated medical care have been implemented to translate care into action. Going forward, Jiahui Health remains committed to the ethos of "Whole Family, Whole Life, Whole Health”, and pledges to actively engage in more public welfare activities and safety initiatives, thereby embodying the professionalism and humanistic approach synonymous with international medical care.


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