Dear Jiahui clients, family members and visitors:

    Recently, several COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Shanghai, certain areas of Shanghai have been classified as medium-risk areas. According to the national and Shanghai epidemic prevention and control requirements, Jiahui health has tightened up epidemic control measures, Inpatient, outpatient and emergency departments have taken extra efforts to ensure your safety. Therefore, we have special reminder for you, please read carefully before coming to the hospital.

    1.Our hospital will check the body temperature, health code and travel code for all visitors, in addition, patients are required to complete the Jiahui Declaration Form. After arriving at the hospital, please take the initiative to present the health code, travel code and declaration code (additional for patient), and cooperate in epidemiological investigation and health inquiry. All visitors are required to wear a mask in the hospital at all times. Enter and exit the hospital at designated area according to the signage.

    2.Emergency Visit:

    Please present your health code, travel code, cooperate with us in body temperature measurement, epidemiological investigation and health inquiry.

    2.1Fever patients with clear cause should go to the Fever Alertness Clinic of Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital;

    2.2During the visit of Fever Alertness Clinic, the patient must be screened with COVID-19 PCR test according to the government regulations;

    2.3After the cause of fever is defined, Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital will continue to provide patients with the same standard of medical services as outpatient and emergency services.

    3.Outpatient Visit:

    Jiahui adopts the appointment system for outpatient visits. We will send to you a confirmation message and the Jiahui Declaration Form after you make appointment with Jiahui APP. Please complete the Declaration Form within 24hrs before seeing the doctor. If you meet one of the following criteria, please actively inform our staff and register the relevant information if required, follow the staff’s suggestion and seek medical attention at designated place.

    3.1 Body temperature ≥ 37.3 degree (Forehead temperature or ear temperature);

    3.2 If you or your family members have passed through, travelled to or had residence history in medium or high-risk areas within the last 2 weeks;

    3.3 If you have been in contact with suspected or confirmed patients in the above areas within the last 28 days;

    3.4 If you have had close contact within the last 2 weeks with people having symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and cold etc. from non-medium or non-high risk area and now have similar symptoms;

    3.5 If there is a COVID-19 cluster around you or you have epidemiological correlation with COVID-19 infected people;

    3.6 Other suspected symptoms.

    4.Admission, Accompany and Visit Inpatients:

    According to Shanghai epidemic prevention and control requirements, patients admitting to hospital should have COVID-19 PCR test report valid in 48hrs. visitors are not allowed during hospitalization, we encourage you to visit your friends or family members through video call instead. Only 1 accompany person is allowed for each inpatient. Patient safety is always Jiahui’s first priority, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    For newly admitted patients, the accompany person shall bring negative COVID-19 PCR test report valid in 48hrs together with their ID card or passport, and enter the inpatient only after the information verified by the ward staff. For the patient needs long term accompany, the accompany person must repeat the COVID-19 PCR test every 7 days and the result should be negative to continue the long-term accompanying.

    This announcement is released based on the <Notice on Issuing COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan (Eighth Edition)> (Joint Group of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Under the State Council No. 51 [2021]) and the <Notice on Further Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control in Healthcare Institutions> (issued by Xuhui Health Commission on July 30). People who does not cooperate will be held legally responsible!

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

    Jiahui Health COVID Taskforce
    September 2, 2021


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