What is Pilates?

    Pilates is a new popular exercise named after Joseph Pilates. It helps to develop the deep layers of the small muscle groups, improve posture, achieve balance, increase the range of motion of the limbs, and focus on core strengthening and motion control. Normal functional movement can be regained by training the brain to control muscles with Pilates method.

    What’s special about Clinical Pilates at Jiahui?

    Jiahui’s experienced physical therapist will develop personalized Clinical Pilates courses based on comprehensive assessment of your body status and your specific need. Featured courses are for below problems: 

    Functional scoliosis: Besides children with congenital structural scoliosis, teenagers and adults can easily develop into functional scoliosis due to muscle imbalance caused by poor posture, often manifested with uneven shoulders, pelvic rotation, and leg length discrepancy. These problems will seriously affect appearance, even cause chronic neck/shoulder/back pain. Our physical therapist will conduct a series of assessments and diagnoses to design tailored Clinical Pilates courses to improve your functional scoliosis status. Regular training with Pilates can help your body to regain balance.

    Postnatal rehab: During pregnancy, growing fetus occupies more and more space overtime, pushing away the organs beside the uterus, putting continuous pressure on pelvic floor, causing loosen pelvic floor muscle. 
    Asian women in general don’t pay as much attention to postnatal rehabilitation as those in western countries do, which greatly increase the risk of getting urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections when they aged. Jiahui’s clinical Pilates course can speed up the postnatal rehabilitation process of pelvic floor muscle, not only help postnatal mothers to be back in shape faster, but also protect moms against the health problems may occur later in their life.

    Sports injuries: Nowadays, more and more people are keen on exercises and all types of sports. As a result, cases of sports injuries are reported more than ever, the most common injuries are muscle and ligament train, and joint sprain. In fact, about 60% of sports injuries happen to general population are preventable. Injuries are often caused by low level of body control, incorrect exercise technique, and biomechanics dysfunction. Systematic Pilates training can help to enhance your core muscles, increase conscious control of physical movements, and improve body coordination and proprioception. Pilates training enables you to respond more quickly to potential risks that could cause injuries, avoiding any possible harm. 

    Clinical Pilates Package

    One-on-one clinical Pilates (60 minutes) with physical therapist, 10 times package: ¥7,000 (original price: ¥10,500)

    One-on-one clinical Pilates (60 minutes) with physical therapist, 30 times package: ¥16,800 (original price: ¥30,500)  

    *Special prices valid till December 31, 2022.

    *Package prices not applicable to insurance payments. 

    To schedule your appointment or for more information, please call 400-868-3000


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