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      • Dentistry
      • Periodontics
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      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
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    Dr. Xavier LIANG serves as a dentist at Jiahui Health. He was trained and received both bachelor and master degrees from school of dentistry, Tongji University. Dr. Liang has been dedicated to the multidisciplinary treatment of periodontal and prosthetic orthodontics for many years. Dr. Liang attaches great importance to basic dental treatment and provides perfect treatment plans for patients with a holistic view. In particular, he works closely with orthodontists to control the health conditions of the oral soft and hard tissues in adult orthodontists with periodontal disease, thus providing protection for the correction. Meanwhile, Dr. Liang also seeks to restore the natural harmony of the beautiful smile for patients, through a variety of membrane gingival surgery and porcelain veneer restoration to achieve the balance of pink and white aesthetic. Through periodontal tissue and bone tissue regeneration surgery for patients with moderate and severe periodontal disease to restore the soft and hard tissue defects and restore missing teeth to improve the chewing function.  


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