Sean WANG(External Specialist), MD, PhD

    • Department:
      • Prostate Disease Clinic
      • Urology
      • Urological Oncology Clinic
    • Location:
      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
    • Languages:
      普通话,  English

    Chief Physician
    Consultant of Urology at Jiahui Hospital

    Clinical Experience:
    Dr. Sean WANG is Vice Director, Urology Center, Shanghai General Hospital (China) and Director, Department of Urologic Oncology, Shanghai General Hospital (China). He also is Professor, Department of Urology, Huashan Hospital of Fudan University (China) and has been Visiting Doctor, Department of Urology and OB-GYN, Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University (Canada), and in Cleveland Clinic at the department of Urology, and a Visiting Professor, Center for Male Reproductive Medicine & Micro Surgery Department of Urology, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell University (USA).

    Dr. Sean Wang is an experienced senior specialist of Urology and Andrology with over 25 years working experience. He specializes in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for urinary system cancer(kidney cancer, bladder tumor, prostate cancer, adrenal tumor) and comprehensive treatment of andrology diseases (varicocele, hematospermia, prostatitis, male infertility, male sexual dysfunction, vasectomy, microsurgical vas reversal, etc.).


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