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      • Psychological counseling
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      • Oline Consultation for Mental
      • Adolescent Mental Health Clinic (age >14)
      • Adult Mental Health Clinic (age >18)
      • Staff Consultaion
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      • Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)
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    Huang Yi is a licensed psychotherapist at Jiahui Health. She has a master's degree in clinical applied psychology and has been working in psychology for more than ten years.

    She holds the Psychotherapist qualification certificate (National Health Commission of China) and the national second-level psychological consultant qualification certificate (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China). Before joining Jiahui, she worked as a psychological counselor in tertiary psychiatric hospitals and private psychiatric clinics in China, providing group and/or individual mental health services to clients and their families.

    She is good at humanistic therapy and dialectical behavior therapy, and is familiar with psychological intervention techniques such as reality therapy, mindfulness practice, clinical hypnosis, psychoanalysis, music and painting therapy, and integrates them according to the specific situations of clients. She specializes in psychological interventions for depression and anxiety, addictive behaviors, and psychosomatic related disorders, as well as topics such as grief counseling, family communication, self-exploration and personal growth.

    In addition, she is also interested in scientific popularization, education and academic research in mental and psychosomatic health. She has provided popular science lectures on mental health for employees of Fortune 500 enterprises, undergraduates of medical colleges, inpatients and their families of psychiatric hospitals; She has published several SCI, SSCI and CSSCI papers.

    Her training background includes continuous training in Sino-German psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, Sino-American dialectical behavior therapy skills training, CAS psychotherapy and counseling training, drawing analysis technique, interpersonal group therapy program, etc.


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