Potassium permanganate external solution is used to cleanse wounds and dermatitis skin conditions.

    Preparation must be freshly made before use. The solution will appear pink or purple in color.

    Be careful when handling this tablet and solution as it can permanently stain clothing and surface touched.

    Different concentrations may be used as prescribed by your doctor.

    Pharmacist to tick √ on the correct concentration for patient according to prescribed strength:

    ○ Concentration 1:10,000 (0.01%)

       - Dissolve 1 tablet in 1000ml (1 liter) of warm water

       - Sitz bath for topical treatment


       - Fill the basin just short of full

       - Soak the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes or as directed by your doctor.

       - Dry the area with a clean towel that you don’t mind changing color.

       - If the solution gets on other areas of your skin, wash with soap and water.

    ○ Concentration 1:4,000 (0.025%)

       - Dissolve 1 tablet in 400ml of warm water

       - For acute dermatitis, eczema and other skin condition


       - Soak the gauze or sterile cotton ball into the prepared solution to apply on the affected skin area as wet dressing.

       - The affected area can also be directly soaked into the prepared solution

    ○ Concentration 1:1,000 (0.1%)

       - Dissolve 1 tablet in 100ml of warm water

       - For wound cleansing


       - Soak the sterile cotton ball or cotton tip in the prepared solution to clean the affected wound.


    1. External use only, do not take orally.

    2. Irritant to mucosal membranes

    Ref: Product package insert, British National Formulary



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