Dear Mr./Ms. :                    

    Thank you for choosing the Ophthalmology Clinic of Jiahui Health for your eye surgery. We will give you a brief introduction to the preoperative preparations required, preoperative medications and postoperative precautions you need to understand for the purposes of promoting a smooth procedure and helping you understand the postoperative precautions to accelerate recovery.

    1. Purpose of entropion and trichiasis surgery:

    1) To improve ocular surface irritation induced by entropion and trichiasis, and reduce the risk of ocular surface complications

    2) To improve appearance

    2. The following intraoperative and postoperative complications may occur, commonly including:

    1) Postoperative overcorrection, undercorrection, angular deformity, aberrant lashes, conjunctival prolapse, etc., requiring re-adjustment under anesthesia

    2) Postoperative recurrence of entropion and trichiasis, requiring re-operation

    3) Postoperative scar hyperplasia

    3. Systemic surgical complications: As with all surgeries, other complications may arise from anesthesia, drug reactions or other factors affecting other parts of the body, including the oculocardiac reflex and anesthesia accidents

    4. Since it is impossible to list all the complications of this surgery, the above list does not cover them all

    5. Postoperative medication guidance:

    1) For medication, please follow the discharge instructions in the discharge summary

    2) Please apply appropriate ice compress within 2 days after surgery

    6. Please pay visits to the attending physician’s Ophthalmology Clinic for follow-up visit and stitch removal 1 week after surgery.


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