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    Thank you for choosing the Ophthalmology Clinic of Jiahui Health for your eye surgery. We will give you a brief introduction to the preoperative preparations required, preoperative medications and postoperative precautions you need to understand for the purposes of promoting a smooth procedure and helping you understand the postoperative precautions to accelerate recovery.

    1. Strabismus is a disease related to both eyes; thus, to correct the eye position, surgery is sometimes performed on both eyes, and sometimes only on either eye. A decision should be made by the surgeon depending on the patient’s specific condition and the preoperative and intraoperative examination results of eye position.

    2. This surgery does not affect visual acuity and diopter. Patients with postoperative ametropia still need to wear glasses. The spectacle lens power may be adjusted according to the eye position.

    3. It is normal to have strabismus after strabotomy without wearing glasses.

    4. The following intraoperative and postoperative complications may occur, commonly including:

    1) Pain and congestion of the operative eye

    2) Postoperative diplopia

    3) Inadequate correction or overcorrection of postoperative eye position

    4) Poor healing of conjunctival wounds

    5) Postoperative decline of short-term corrective effect

    6) Partial non-concomitant strabismus (paralytic strabismus)

    Eyeball movements cannot be recovered after surgery; diplopia does not subside or only partially improves

    7) Some special types of strabismus require more than one operation

    5. Systemic surgical complications: As with all surgeries, other complications may arise from anesthesia, drug reactions or other factors affecting other parts of the body, including the oculocardiac reflex and anesthesia accidents.

    6. Since it is impossible to list all the complications of this surgery, the above list does not cover them all.

    7. Due to undercorrection or overcorrection of the operative eye position, a second correction or training may be required after surgery.

    8. Purpose of strabotomy: Not only for beauty, but more importantly, to create conditions for the establishment of normal binocular vision and stereoscopic vision. Therefore, postoperative comprehensive treatment and training are still necessary, and surgery is merely an important means of comprehensive treatment. Moreover, the eye position may change for a quite long time after strabotomy, so regular follow-up visits and doctor’s guidance are required.

    9. Postoperative medication guidance:

    1) For medication, please follow the discharge instructions in the discharge summary

    2) Please apply appropriate ice compress within 2 days after surgery


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