Jiahui is proud to announce that the Pink Honor, Pink Care campaign for breast cancer awareness raised a total of RMB 100,486 (US$13,728) which was donated to the Shanghai Charity Foundation Life Planet Special Fund's PinkCare Program.

    Since 2020, Jiahui has held Pink Honor, Pink Care campaigns to raise awareness about breast cancer and promote women’s health. As part of the campaigns, Jiahui has delivered lectures, offered consultations and screenings, provided medical treatment and rehabilitation to patients, and collaborated with numerous public welfare partners on a range of initiatives.

    GE Feng, CEO of Jiahui Health, noted that October is designated Pink Ribbon Month to raise breast cancer awareness.

    Ge Feng, CEO of Jiahui, delivered a speech at the donation ceremony

    He highlighted that "As one of Jiahui Health's annual charity programs, the Pink Honor, Pink Care campaign is not only an event focused on breast health or an occasion to provide breast cancer patients with medical and rehabilitation support. Through the campaign, we encourage more people to care about women’s health and to show our support, understanding, and respect for every woman."

    The campaign was supported by over 20 businesses, attracting over 10,000 individual participants, and successfully spreading breast health awareness.

    The funds raised from the campaign will be used by the Life Planet Special Fund to support women's health campaigns, including providing health screenings and medical treatment.

    Local government authorities have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for such campaigns and organizations.

    Xia Fei of Xuhui's Hongmei Subdistrict delivered a speech at the donation ceremony

    "Through various events, our subdistrict has collaborated with businesses and social organizations to promote women's health and development," said Xia Fei of Xuhui's Hongmei Subdistrict.

    "Jiahui Health's campaign is one of the most successful events in our district. We hope that more charity programs of this type will be launched in the future to further improve women's health and call for more social care and support for breast cancer patients."

    Jiahui Health focuses on a strategy of "whole-life, whole-family, and whole-health", providing individuals and families with comprehensive international-standard medical services and lifelong healthcare. Over and above women’s healthcare services, we also offer complete care for children, men, and the elderly, including health management, in-hospital escorts, and chronic disease management.

    Furthermore, Jiahui’s ongoing strategic partnership with the Shanghai Shenhua Football Club provides professional athletes with health management, sports injury prevention and guidance, and emergency services.

    Jiahui also provides mental health courses for children aged 6 to 14 years old in order to promote minors' mental well-being and development through collaborations with schools and families.

    Going forward, Jiahui will continue to perform our responsibilities as a healthcare provider, promoting health management as well as physical and mental health to more people, assisting individuals and families to maintain healthy lifestyles, and accelerating the shift to a "healthy China".


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