Before, during, and after the race – Jiahui Health provided comprehensive healthcare support, safeguarding, and promoting the health, safety, and success of all runners.

    On the 1st of May, the 2023 Shanghai Women's Half Marathon kicked off on the streets of Shanghai, attracting more than 4,000 runners. As the official and exclusive designated healthcare service provider of the 2023 Shanghai Women’s Half Marathon, Jiahui Health provided integrated medical support before, during, and after the marathon.

    The 2023 Shanghai Women's Half Marathon kicks off on the 1st of May.

    With all of the runners gathered at the starting line, the Shanghai Women’s Half Marathon officially kicked off. Also running alongside the participants was Jiahui’s medical escort team, made up of Jiahui Health’s physicians, including Professor Allen WU, Chief Medical Officer of Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital and Chief of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Dr. Niels DECONINCK, Chief of Service of the Emergency Department, Dr. Pudasaini BIGYAN, Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. LYU Yubo, Associate Chief Radiologist from the Department of Medical Imaging, and Dr. YU Miao, a Family Medicine Fellow Physician at Jiahui. The medical escort team was established to detect and handle any medical conditions, providing emergency medical support to runners, at anytime and anywhere.

    Doctors from various departments of Jiahui Health formed a medical support team to provide runners with emergency medical support throughout the entire race.

    During the marathon, Dr. Lyu Yubo identified a runner with thigh cramps 12km into the race. He quickly applied an anti-inflammatory painkiller and gave her a massage to relieve the muscle strain. He accompanied her throughout the remaining distance encouraging her, and ultimately sprinted with her through the finish line. The participant expressed her gratitude to Jiahui Health for giving her a sense of security and providing her with medical support so that she could complete the race smoothly and safely.

    Dr. Lyu Yubo, a Radiologist at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, accompanied a runner, helping her to finish the race safely.

    Also partaking in the marathon were runners with unique ties to Jiahui Health. Jia Qiannan is a nurse at the Department of Fertility and Reproductive Medicine at Jiahui Health, and she recently underwent surgery at Jiahui for kneecap instability. Under the professional guidance of orthopedic and rehabilitation physicians, she has been able to quickly resume sports as normal. As a result, she was able to successfully participate in the half marathon.

    Jia Qiannan, a nurse from the Department of Fertility and Reproductive Medicine at Jiahui Health.

    RunnersHai is a Shanghai-based community of runners, made up of people from a range of nationalities and different walks of life who are passionate about running. A team of their runners also participated in the marathon, and all successfully crossed the finish line.

    Shanghai Women’s Half Marathon participants from RunnersHai, a Shanghai-based community of runners.

    Both on and off the track, Jiahui’s medical teams provided professional support for runners. A healthcare station was located along the course of the marathon, made up of doctors and nurses from Jiahui’s Emergency Department to provide on-site emergency medical services for runners. During the marathon, the healthcare station handled more than ten cases of common running injuries, including muscle spasms, strains, and sprains. Additionally, staff from Jiahui’s Emergency Department also assisted a race spectator who experienced an accidental facial injury, cleaning her wound and providing her with detailed care instructions and precautions.

    Doctors and nurses from the Emergency Department of Jiahui Health provide on-site emergency medical services to runners in the healthcare station.

    Jiahui Health also established a recovery area at the finish line. Comprised of a team of professional rehabilitation physicians and physiotherapists, it offered science-based rehabilitation and recovery services, helping runners to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and swelling caused by long-distance running.

    Dr. Allen Wu, Chief Medical Officer of Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital said:“Jiahui Health has always advocated for and promoted a healthy lifestyle and encouraged people to exercise correctly. Whether it is a medical escort team, a healthcare station along the marathon route, or a recovery area at the finish line, Jiahui Health will support you. We offer comprehensive protection for all runners, helping them to enjoy running to the fullest and finish the race safely."

    With the support of Jiahui Health’s rehabilitation specialists, the runners relieved muscle soreness, swelling, and other problems through stretching.

    Jiahui Health has provided international standard healthcare services for a range of major events and thus draws from rich experience in offering comprehensive healthcare support to large-scale sports events like the Shanghai Women’s Half Marathon. On this occasion, Jiahui provided pre-race support and training to help runners prepare optimally; medical escort teams throughout the marathon; a healthcare station along the racetrack; recovery and rehabilitation services at the finish line; and a range of healthcare benefits after the race.

    With the aim to help runners with their optimal recovery, Jiahui Health provided free consultations with rehabilitation physicians and free physical therapy sessions to the top three finalists, as well as free online orthopedic consultations for the top 50 finalists. These runners will receive guidance and personalized treatment plans from Jiahui’s sports medicine experts.

    Jiahui Health provides consultations with professional rehabilitation physicians and free physical therapy treatments to the top three finalists.

    The success of the Shanghai Women’s Half Marathon represents Jiahui Health’s support of the continuous and integrated advancement of women’s health and the promotion of healthy exercise.

    Jiahui Health will continue to provide healthcare support for running events, ensuring that more people can participate in races and marathons healthily and safely.


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