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    With breast cancer being the most common form of malignant tumor among women in China, quality breast cancer treatment services are an essential part of providing comprehensive medical care. That’s why Jiahui Health is committed to providing comprehensive Breast Cancer services to women in and around Shanghai through the newly opened Jiahui Breast Institute.

    In China, breast cancer cases are increasing every year, and more than 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. Thankfully, medical innovation has worked tirelessly to combat this disease. On May 22, the Breast Institute at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital, dedicated to bringing international diagnosis and treatment solutions for breast cancer patients, officially opened, with Dr. Tibor Kovacs, a leader in international breast cancer research, serving as the Director of Breast Surgery.

    Dr. Kovacs officially joined Jiahui Health in January this year, and also serves as the Director of the Breast Health Program at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital. He has extensive clinical experience related to surgical breast cancer treatment, and has made great progress in researching oncological breast conservation and breast reconstruction techniques. He hopes that through continuous promotion of technological innovation, every patient will have the opportunity to benefit from these new methods.

    ▌Tibor Kovacs

    ▌Jiahui Breast Institute Team

    One-stop comprehensive service: from prevention to treatment

    Although the continuous advancement of medical technology means that treatment options for breast diseases, especially breast cancer, have improved year by year, the availability of one-stop comprehensive services for patients with breast diseases is still quite lacking. For patients with breast diseases, diagnosis and treatment is not enough, they require a comprehensive health management process from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation.

    The Breast Institute at Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital is a comprehensive breast disease diagnosis and treatment center. It aims to provide one-stop diagnosis and treatment services for female breast patients, including breast screening, breast disease diagnosis, comprehensive surgical services and support services, genetic risk assessment and patients education programs. The multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment team (MDT) consists of specialist in breast surgery, radiology, pathology, oncology and radiotherapy, as well as breast specialist nurses, rehabilitation specialists, genetic counselors, nutritionists and psychological counselors that will cooperate to provide patients with a personalized care plan. At the same time, relying on the Jiahui International Cancer Center and the expert team at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Jiahui has established a multidisciplinary joint consultation platform. The two sides cooperate closely to provide treatment plans for breast cancer patients at home and abroad.

    Beauty and health, no need to choose just one

    Since the mastectomy pioneered modern breast cancer treatment in the 1980s, the 5-year survival rate of breast cancer in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has exceeded 90%, and China has also exceeded 80%. At the same time, with the advancement of systemic, comprehensive treatment, breast conservation surgery and postoperative breast reconstruction have become possible.

    The concept of breast reconstruction is to "build" a new breast for a patient undergoing total mastectomy without violating the principles of cancer treatment or delaying subsequent adjuvant treatment. It is suitable for patients who are unable to perform breast-conserving treatment and need to remove the entire breast, or patients who have already had an entire breast removed.

    A practitioner of European breast reconstruction techniques, Dr. Kovacs, believes that patients undergoing total mastectomy have the ability to "rebuild" their breasts through breast reconstruction. In addition, Dr. Kovacs has also developed a new reconstruction technique, called anterior pectoral implant reconstruction. This new technique has fewer side effects, faster recovery, and better aesthetic results.

    After opening the Breast Institute, Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital will be committed to providing high-level breast health services for patients in Shanghai and other regions, so that these patients can receive more reliable treatment results and enjoy better quality of life.

    Interested in consultation or treatment at the Jiahui Breast Institute? Scan the QR code below and communicate directly with the Breast Institute team.


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