Jiahui International Hospital knows that blood donors are the invisible heroes in every operating room. Safe blood and blood products are an indispensable guarantee for every healthcare system. That’s why, on June 10th, 2021, Jiahui Health and Xuhui District Office of Blood Management will come together to organize a voluntary blood donation event.

    Read on to learn how you can register for the blood drive individually, create your own team of blood donation superheroes, or join someone else's!


    Why Donate Blood?

    The need for safe blood is widespread, as it is very important for disease treatment and emergency intervention. It can help patients with life-threatening diseases to prolong their lives, improve their quality of life, and carry out complex medical and surgical operations. In all kinds of emergencies (natural disasters, accidents, armed conflicts, etc.), blood is also crucial for the treatment of the wounded.

    However, access to safe blood remains the privilege of a few. Due to low blood donation and a lack of blood testing equipment, it is difficult for most low-income and middle-income countries to obtain safe blood. Globally, 42% of blood is collected from high-income countries, which account for only 16% of the world's population. Only through voluntary blood donation on a regular basis can we guarantee an adequate and safe blood supply.

    Create a team of superheroes!

    While the superheroes of movies and TV shows might fly around and break through brick walls, being a real life superhero is a much easier task. A single blood donation can save up to three lives, so think about the kind of impact you can have by working with friends, family, and coworkers to donate together!

    By scanning the QR code in the poster below, you can register your own team of blood donation superheroes, join someone else’s, or register as an individual.

    Once you've signed up, forward the link to others to get them to join your team or sign up for the event!

    Blood donation is a simple process that only takes about 30 minutes. But that 30 minutes can make a big impact, so sign-up now!

    As a thanks for your generous donation, we will provide each donor with one free flu vaccine (notifications will be sent out once the vaccine arrives), a commemorative certificate and a nutrition pack with snacks and a drink.

    Please read the following prior to donation:

    Some people may be concerned about the impact that the COVID-19 vaccine will have on their ability to donate blood. According to the medical experts at Jiahui Health, anyone who has received an attenuated type vaccine (i.e. those from Sinovac, Sinopharm, etc) should avoid donating blood within 48 hours after receiving your first or second dose. However, those who receive an adenovirus vaccine (i.e. CanSino Biologics) must wait 28 days before donating blood.

    *In order to avoid donations from patients with potential COVID-19 infection, in addition to a basic physical examination and preliminary blood screening, blood donors must also provide a COVID-19 health declaration and pre-check on-site.

    How do I know if I meet the conditions for blood donation?

    •Between 18 and 55 years of age;

    •Women weigh over 99lb/45kg and men weigh over 110lb/50kg;

    •No blood donation within the last six months;

    •Be able to show a green health QR code on site, and have no fever, cold or respiratory symptoms.

    What do I need to pay attention to before, after and on the day of blood donation?

    •In the 24 hours before and after blood donation, insure that you drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages;

    •Maintain healthy eating habits and avoid very oily or very salty foods;

    •It is recommended to eat foods rich in iron, such as spinach, broccoli, red meat, etc. a few days before blood donation;

    •Please make sure you have adequate sleep the day before blood donation;

    •On the day of blood donation, please make sure that you have eaten breakfast. Do not donate blood on an empty stomach. A light meal will also be distributed at the blood donation site to help you replenish your energy.

    •Wear a face masks and necessary personal protective equipment at all times during blood donation, and follow the instructions of field staff to cooperate with pre-check and disinfection procedures;

    •Be sure to bring your personal ID on the day of blood donation;

    •Avoid participating in high-intensity exercise the day you donate blood;

    •Avoid direct contact with water at the blood drawing site for 24 hours after donations.

    According to relevant regulations, you cannot donate blood if you have the following physical conditions:

    •Have received dental treatment (including teeth cleaning) within 3 days before blood donation;

    •Underwent tooth extraction or other outpatient surgery within 2 weeks before blood donation;

    •Women during or within 3 days of their menstrual period;

    •Pregnant or lactating women;

    •Within one week after respiratory tract infection or acute gastroenteritis;

    •Received blood transfusions within the last year;

    •Received vaccinations for mumps, rabies, hepatitis B human immunoglobulin or other vaccines within the last year;

    •Underwent surgery within the last six months;

    •Within one week after the healing of skin inflammation;

    •Suffering from a blood or immune system disorder;

    •Taken cold medicine, painkillers or other drugs within 7 days before blood donation.


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