Jiahui International Hospital Family Medicine, Jiahui Health (Jing’an) Family Medicine, Jiahui Health (Yangpu) Family Medicine all passed the quality certification requirements of the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA)

    WONCA is dedicated to promoting the development of Family Medicine in all countries in the world, as well as promoting the professional quality and working ability of general practitioners/family doctors in all countries.

    Four days of WONCA certification inspection and review

    The WONCA review committee members for this certification inspection came from all around the world, including places like Australia, Norway, Hong Kong SAR, and more. Over the course of four days, the review committee strictly evaluated the WONCA certification standard items one by one and carefully checked the written materials related to the fellowship program.

    Note: The specialists in the Jiahui Health Family Medicine Fellowship Program being reviewed by the WONCA review committee

    Due to the epidemic, the review committee inspected the Jiahui Family Medicine patient process via video, as well as safety operations, medical qualifications, patient care, supply chain management, facility and equipment safety, disinfection control and other aspects.

    Obtaining WONCA quality certification is affirmation and encouragement

    Passing WONCA quality certification not only recognizes Jiahui Health's international training quality and medical service standards, but also its professional talent training. It is vital to Jiahui Health’s continuing efforts to improve the standardized training and clinical quality at Jiahui Family Medicine, and brings Jiahui Health’s international professional Family Medicine services to a higher level.

    The successful passage of this review is inseparable from the guidance of Dr. Donald K T Li, President of the World Organization of Family Doctors and Special Advisor to Jiahui Family Medicine, the strong support of the Jiahui leadership team, various professional disciplines and departments within Jiahui, and Ling Qiu, Director of the Department of Family Medicine.


    Recognizing the importance to the training of international clinical talents

    It is the mission of Jiahui Health to provide high-quality medical services to families and communities through professionals trained according to international standards.

    In the past few years, Jiahui has recruited international doctors in a variety of fields, established a huge international medical service team in Shanghai, and remained committed to building an integrated medicine, teaching, and research network. By focusing on the long-term development of medical and health professionals, Jiahui hopes to promote medical research and the development of the healthcare industry in China.

    In 2018, Jiahui launched the "Jiahui Family Medicine Fellowship Program" to meet the multifaceted health service needs of the Shanghai community. By selecting outstanding Family Medicine physicians, strengthening their clinical practice capabilities, and expanding their multilingual communication skills, Jiahui hopes to improve the quality of Family Medicine in China.

    Jiahui Health's full-time fellowship lasts 24 months. It selects outstanding young Family Medicine practitioners from both China and abroad to participate, and conducts practice-based training under the supervision of Chinese and foreign teaching doctors to cultivate a family-centered and comprehensive health management model, all while improving their professionalism, critical thinking, and evidence-based medicine skills.

    Note: The doctors and trainees of Jiahui Health's full-time fellowship program for Family Medicine who participated in the WONCA review.

    Passing the WONCA international standard certification means that the teaching quality and talent training system of the Jiahui Family Medicine fellowship have reached international standards. At the same time, we are urged to uphold the pioneering consciousness of the leader and continuously improve our teaching quality, so as to deliver to better not only Jiahui, but the entire Chinese medical community.

    Continuous and comprehensive health management, diagnosis and treatment services

    Jiahui Family Medicine is rooted in providing quality, patient-centered services through the Jiahui Health system. The department adheres to international standards of diagnosis and treatment, breaks the traditional disease-based consultation and prescription model, and is committed to establishing long-term relationships with patients. This long-term cooperation and mutual trust is based on ensuring a high quality of life for the whole family, and customizing comprehensive health management, diagnosis and treatment services for every patient.

    The professional operation management team ensures the safety of facilities and equipment, the reliability of the supply chain, and the quality of clinical and supporting services to meet Shanghai's increasing need for high-quality, international healthcare and health management services.

    The Jiahui Health Family Medicine department accompanies patients through everything from disease prevention and health management, with the help of community and specialist outpatient clinics, to provide common disease diagnosis and treatment, long-term chronic disease management for patients, coordinate various specialist referrals, international referrals, post-discharge follow up after discharge, and post-surgery rehabilitation. Jiahui Health Family Medicine department provides comprehensive services through all stages of life and using a variety of forms ranging from general outpatient clinics, inpatient diagnosis and treatment to home care.


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