When patients are treated with intravenous chemotherapy drugs at Jiahui International Cancer Center, the infusion treatments generally require access through a central venous catheter (PICC or intravenous infusion port). Since its inception, the cancer center has experienced significant increase in patient volume. In order to meet the increasing patient demand, Jiahui International Cancer Center has officially opened a PICC nursing clinic, staffed by qualified professional nurses to provide patients with consistently safe and high-quality services for catheter maintenance.

    What is PICC?

    PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter), is one of the most widely used long-term infusion methods and is often described as a "lifeline" for cancer patients.

    PICC can avoid vascular damage caused by long-term repeated infusion of chemotherapy drugs (foaming agents/irritants), intravenous nutrition, antibiotics, electrolytes, iodine contrast agents and other drugs. At the same time, PICC can also protect peripheral veins, ensuring a safe infusion process.

    The PICC Nursing Clinic at Jiahui International Cancer Center is staffed by a team of professional PICC nurses. The comprehensive range of services on offer include PICC placement and maintenance, implantable intravenous infusion port maintenance and the management of catheter-related complications.

    Hongmei Li, PICC Nurse Director

    PICC nurse Director Hongmei Li is experienced in the management of cancer care and intravenous infusion safety. She is proficient in various PICC puncture methods, including conventional puncture, modified Seldinger puncture, ultrasound guided modified Seldinger puncture, ECG tip positioning method etc. She has successfully completed nearly over 3,000 PICC placements, and can effectively prevent, identify and treat complications such as catheter-related venous thrombosis, infection, rash, tube blockage and rupture.

    PICC Nursing Clinic

    Jiahui International Cancer Center Outpatient Department, 2nd Floor

    Clinic hours
    Every Thursday morning 9:00-12:00

    Reservation method
    During clinic hours (see above), please dial 021-5339 3128 to reach the PICC Nursing Clinic;
    Outside of working hours, please dial 400-868-3000 to speak with Jiahui Customer Service


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