Jiahui Women's Health Center allows every woman to bloom as beautiful and healthy as a flower!

    On the afternoon of March 8, 2021, Jiahui held its Women's Health Day event, jointly organized by the Jiahui Women's Health Center in conjunction with the Obstetrics and Gynecology, Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, Breast Surgery, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Rehabilitation, and Nutrition departments. Participants were welcomed on a tour, allowing them to better understand the facilities, environment and medical services available at the Jiahui Women’s Health Center and related departments.

    Participants were also provided health consultation services from Jiahui, including dermatologists, obstetricians and gynecologists, reproductive medicine physicians, and plastic surgeons. Jiahui nutritionist also performed on-site physical examinations and provided valuable advice to attendees.

    Jiahui Women's Health Day attracted women of different ages to participate and learn about how they can improve their health.

    At the opening of the event, Dr. Alexander Lin, Director of Jiahui Women's Health Center told the assembled audience:

    "At Jiahui, we understand that hospitals not only serve sick patients, and women's health and medical needs are by no means limited to just obstetrics. Modern women face pressure from academics, work, social interactions, childbirth, family, and more. Jiahui Women’s Health Center believes in caring for women’s physical, mental, and spiritual health in an all-round way, advocating regular examination and prevention, establishing healthy living habits and an optimistic attitude towards life. We use professional medical technology and high quality, customer-first service to provide personalized comprehensive medical and health services for women of all ages.

    “With the gradual overall development of Jiahui Health, our medical services for women's health continue to grow more comprehensive. At present, Jiahui mainly provides: gynecology, obstetrics, family planning, reproductive medicine, breast surgery, rehabilitation services, dermatology, plastic surgery, endocrinology, mental health, nutrition guidance and other medical services. The medical team in each department always pays attention to the needs of patients and works hard to provide them with comprehensive and meticulous medical services."

    "My annual gynecological examination, family vaccinations, sick visits, and blood donation all take place at Jiahui... It’s more than just a comfortable environment here, the Jiahui medical team allows me to build a sense of security and trust through their professional technology and humanistic care!"
    ——Ms. Shen, female customer representative of Jiahui

    On-site women’s health consultation services were very popular with participants

    Face to face consultation with obstetricians and gynecologists

    Face-to-face consultation with dermatologists

    Jiahui nutritionists provided on-site BMI testing, as well as report interpretation and analysis

    In-depth tour of Jiahui Women's Health Services

    Jiahui staff led participants on a tour of Jiahui Hospital, including the main women’s health departments, and explained in detail the medical items, treatment scope, equipment, facilities and service characteristics of each department.

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Reproductive Medicine Center

    Jiahui Breast Institute


    Plastic surgery


    Gifts provided to participants

    Jiahui prepared flowers and customized face masks for all participants. Jiahui would like to thank our female patients who have chosen to trust us with their healthcare needs. It is a trust that we do not take lightly, and we will continue to strive each day to provide you with only the best care possible!


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