Since the Spring Festival, due to the impact of COVID-19, the number of blood donations in Shanghai has dropped sharply, and the blood stock has gradually decreased. As a result, clinical blood use has become strained, and many hospitals have postponed elective surgery to ensure the supply of blood for acute and severe cases.

    "A week ago, we learned that the Shanghai blood bank was short of stock," said Ge Feng, CHIEF executive officer of Shanghai Jiayi International Hospital. "As a medical institution, we know the importance of blood to patients. Last year, on International Blood Donor Day, the hospital recruited 183 volunteers from around the world to roll up their sleeves and offer their love. This year, the hospital immediately responded to the call of the Xuhui District Blood Management Office and organized today's blood donation campaign together with them." Within a day of the message, 122 volunteers had signed up, he said.

    On March 1, Xuhui District Blood Management Office temporarily moved the blood collection point to Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital. Medical staff participating in blood donation were in an endless stream, and some enthusiastic citizens also participated in it.

    At the scene of blood donation, the staff of Jiahui International Hospital and the enthusiastic citizens wearing masks filled in forms, took samples, tested and donated blood in an orderly manner. They used their blood to save lives and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. They practice another kind of "retrograde" with their actions.

    In the team of doctors who donated blood in The Jia Hui International Hospital, there are nearly 20 blood donation activists, who have repeatedly rolled up their sleeves to maintain the beauty of life with "warm blood". One of them is Doctor Summer of orthopaedic and Sports Medicine center, who also donated generously during the Chia Blood Drive in 2019.

    "In the fight against COVID-19, rolling up our sleeves and giving blood is something we can all join in," said the doctor, who has joined the Chinese Marrow Bank and donated platelets. Being able to help people who need blood during the epidemic in this way compensates for not being able to support the front line."

    Dr. Xu Zhiyu, who is in the same department as Dr. Xia, is from Taiwan, China. Since he was 18 years old, he has donated blood more than 20 times, with a total blood donation of more than 30000ML. This is his first blood donation since he came to Shanghai. He said he would continue to donate blood to help more people in need.

    Work for only two years of smoke wish Vivian said: this is his fourth time to donate blood, countries in the call to isolate the virus, as far as possible reduce the number of people close contact, but we should not isolation between people's "love", hope can pass through blood love, build the warmth of the world, "ischemia in virus" in the winter, I spent believe spring is just around the corner.

    Jia international cancer center Li Hong doctor said: he's oncology doctor, epidemic prevention and control, the ward still have a lot of patients waiting for blood, blood disease and tumor patients, in particular, there are a lot of intraoperative need surgery cannot carry out blood, blood transfusion, medical staff we see in the eye, nasty in the heart, hope to take the lead in helping patients with it."

    In addition to the staff of Jia Hui International Hospital, a group of warm-hearted people also came to donate blood. Foreign girl Mary said, "I have been in Shanghai for five years, and I like Shanghai very much. I will donate blood this time. From the pre-test, filling in the form, examination and donation, all procedures are fast and efficient. I am not worried that I will be infected with a novel Coronavirus if I donate blood in the hospital."


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