The Spring Festival holiday has come to an end and many of us are headed back to the office. We’ve previously offered advice for how to stay safe at home during the epidemic, but how about at work?

    Here are 7 suggestions from Jiahui Health Family Medicine physicians!

    While Commuting

    Do your best to commute to work on foot, by bike or by private car;

    Of course, many of us need to use public transportation, so just make sure you wear a mask throughout the journey, try to avoid touching things with your hands, and remember to wash your hands promptly after touching any dirty surfaces.

    When entering the office

    Be sure to cooperate with health checkups and actively monitor your body temperature;

    If your body temperature is normal, go ahead and enter your office, but be sure to wash our hands immediately after arriving;

    If you have a fever, do not enter the building and go home to rest for observation. If necessary, go to a government designated fever clinic for treatment.

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    Inside the office

    Disinfect your office daily;

    Open windows frequently and ventilate regularly (3 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time);

    Wear masks in the office and keep a safe distance of 1 meter or more between people.

    Holding a meeting

    Do your best to avoid gathering in large groups by meeting remotely using video conferencing;

    For on-site participants, be sure to wear masks and wash their hands before entering the meeting room, and maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between people.

    Eating in the company cafeteria

    Avoid getting together to eat, it is recommended to take your lunch back to your desk with you or bring your own food and eat alone;

    Wash your hands properly before meals and do not talk to others during meals.

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    After work

    Wear a disposable medical mask to go out after washing your hands;

    Do not participate in parties and group activities, and do not go to crowded places such as theaters, KTVs, and shopping malls.

    When you reach home

    Wash your hands and disinfect your hands after taking off the mask when you return home;
    Use disinfectant wipes or 75% alcohol to wipe off items like mobile phones and keys.


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