1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

    2. If the drops are a cloudy suspension, shake the bottle well.

    3. Tilt the affected ear up or lie on your side. For adult and to a child older than 3 years of age, pull the ear backward and upward ,or if giving to a child younger than 3 years of age, pull backward and downward to open the ear canal.

    4. Instill the correct number of drops in your ear. Gently press on the small skin flap over the ear to help the drops to run into the ear canal. Keep your ear tilted for 5 minutes or insert a soft cotton plug in your ear.

    5. Keep this position for 5 min, then turn head to make the affected ear toward ground. Let the liquid flow out.


    The mouth may feel bitter, do not be alarmed, because the middle ear is connected to the pharynx, a small part of the liquid medicine will enter the mouth.


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