Step 1: Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

    Step 2: Sit or lie in a comfortable position and choose an area on the right or left side of the abdomen, at least 5cm from the belly button. Avoid bruised, swollen, scarred, and sore areas.

    Step 3: Clean the injection site with an alcohol swab and let dry.

    Step 4: Remove the needle cap by pulling it straight off the syringe. Do not touch the needle once the cap is removed to keep the needle sterile.

    Step 5: Hold syringe like a pencil in your writing hand

    Step 6: Pinch an inch (2-3cm) of the cleansed area to make a fold with the other hand. Insert the full length of the needle straight down at a 90° into the fold of skin. The skin fold should be held throughout the injection.

    Step 7: Press the plunger with your thumb until the syringe is empty and keep for 5 seconds.

    Step8: Pull needle straight out at the same angle that it was inserted, and release skin fold. Do not rub or hot compress the injection site to minimize bruising.

    Step 9: Point needle down and away from yourself and others, and push down on plunger to activate safety shield.

    Step 10: place the used syringe in the sharps box. Bring it to hospital for proper disposal.

    Reference: 2018 Lovenox Enoxaparin Instructions for Self Injection



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